To “Ktima” mas

Heaven is a “Place” on earth !!!

A dreamy weddings’ pick is its dreamy dinner! And such party needs the appropriate scenery.

That’s the main reason estates are number one in couples preferred venues.

“To Ktima mas” at Mathiatis village is a space with high aesthetic value that combines nature and architecture; Green, rock and wood, complimented by lavish water fountains, and a breathtaking view. Nothing compares to the feeling of enjoying your dinner under the starlit sky, and that is one of the reasons “To Ktima mas” has become such a popular choice for eclectic couples.

Our chefs unique gastronomic creations, with the use of the purest ingredients, our top quality foods, the charming presentation, impeccable service, consistency and above all knowledge and respect of our catering craft, alongside our value for money prices make To “Ktima” mas all the more appealing. 

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